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    Welcome to my Home Theater and Audio Room

    Here is a picture of the front of my Audio and Home Theater Room set up. The power amps include the two AA 90.1a 90watt pure class A monoblocks set atop two Vantage Point Rosewood amp stands.

    CD playback is via an Audio Alchemy DDS-Pro CD Transport using the modified Stable Platter Mechanism, which supplies a digital signal to the DTI Pro-32 digital resolution enhancer via a Camelot Technologies I2S cable. The DTI Pro-32 is running off the improved PS-2 Power Station, and has the Revision AD chip upgrade. Rev AD stands for "adaptive dither", meaning that the level of dither applied to the signal is constantly changing, and optimized at all times. The DTI Pro-32 passes the digital signal via a 2nd Camelot Technologies I2S cable to a Camelot Technologies Uther v2.0 Mk3 DAC.

    The DVD player is the Sony DVP-S7700. The pre-amp/processor is the Nakamichi CA-1. The Uther is connected to the pre-pro via Nordost SPM interconnects, and the DVP-S7700 is connected via a Nordost Moonglo digital coax cable. Balanced Nordost SPM interconnects are used between the Legacy Whisper Bass Processor and the OM 90.1a Power Amps. Nordost SPM interconnects are run between the Nakamichi CA-1 and the Whisper Bass Processor.

    The left and right rear surround speakers are System Audio 950s (not visible in the above picture, see below) which are mounted at the rear of the Audio and Home Theater Room, high and corner loaded and aimed so as to converge at a point just in front of the primary listening/viewing position. They are run off of one Audio Alchemy OM150 Overture Stereo 150w amplifier, which uses a pair of Legacy Audio Lattice 1m interconnects. An un-used OM150 Stereo amp is visible on the upper right shelf of the Vantage Point Contours Rosewood Audio Rack.

    The main left and right speakers are Legacy Audio Whispers, in a custom Rosewood, which are fed via a 2.5m pair of Nordost SPM bi-wire speaker cables terminated at both ends with WBT solderless locking terminators.

    You may notice the absence of a discrete center channel speaker. This is not an oversight. A separate center channel speaker is deliberately not being used as I prefer the excellent phantom center image created by the Legacy Whispers. I found that this was superior to a separate center channel in terms of integration of dialog and on-screen sound effects to the video, especially panning effects.

    The projection screen is a Draper Clarion M2500 with a 115' diagonal 16:9 aspect ratio. The front projector is a Sony VPL W400Q which is ceiling mounted at the rear of the Home Theater Room (visible in picture at upper left, and additional picture below). It is fitted with an IMX 923 Optical Image Processor by Cygnus Imaging Corporation, and is connected directly to the Sony DVP-S7700 DVD player via three runs of RG-6 component video coax cable. One additional RG-6 run is used to feed the Nakamichi CA-1's OSD to the projector. Home Theater and High End Audio are excellent, but expensive hobbies.

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    Close up image of the main equipment rack

    Close up of one OM90.1a Monoblock power amplifier

    Another view of the Sony VPL W400Q front projector

    Wider shot of the front of the Audio/Home Theater Room

    Part of the CD/DVD collection. One of the System Audio 950 speakers used for surrounds

    Close up of Nordost SPM bi-wire speaker cable with WBT solderless locking banana plugs and the Legacy Whisper binding posts. The SPMs are in a protective custom semi-rigid vinyl/nylon mesh tubing.

    I really need a universal learning remote!

    Soon I will add more screen shots. Really!

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